Ultrasonic cleaning Technology

Ultrasonic cleaning Technology

The Ormonde ultrasonic technology will provide a better cleaning in less time. At Ormonde we operate a number of ultra-sonic cleaning units, the largest units are designed for large team and is suitable for  industrial ultra-sonic cleaning services.

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

We operate the most advice cleaning solutions on the market and our largest ultra-sonic cleaning treatment system can take parts of 1m by 3m in size. We have our own in-house test facility, where we can test different chemicals in order to find the best for your parts and also find the optimum ultra-sonic power needed for cleaning.

Product Range

Our technology

We are operating the most advanced ultra-sonic cleaning technology on the market. We operate a number of units of different size and power to ensure we have the ideal ultra-sonic chemical cleaning solution for meet your requirements. We can clean items up-to  1 meter x 3 meter in size.

Where do we operate?

We provide ultra-sonic chemical cleaning solutions in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and neighboring countries. We except parts from all over Europe at our cleaning facility and can also provide onsite cleaning operations at your facility.

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