Suction Excavator Technology

Suction Excavator Technology

Suction excavators operated by Ormonde are designed for heavy industrial, construction and waste cleaning applications. They are suitable for the suction, excavation and blowing of all types of material including ADR products and in EX environments.

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

We operate one of the most modern and advanced suction excavators’ fleets in Europe. The industrial suction excavator operated by Ormonde are built to cover a wide range of industrial and environmental cleaning applications, giving our customers effective vacuuming, blowing and pressure discharge solutions.

Product Range

Industrial vacuum loader – up to 9,000 cubic meter air per hour

Our technology

The dry & wet vacuum technology which we are operating, is suitable for heavy industrial, environmental and tank cleaning applications including: the suction, displacing, transporting and unloading of dry, wet and hazardous substances (dusts, catalyst, gravel, powders, fly ash, heavy oils and sludge).

Our vacuum excavator fleet is modern, advanced and is designed to ensure we provide you the best quality of service for all types of industrial and environmental cleaning requirements.

Where do we operate?

We provide suction excavator and high powered vacuuming services in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

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