High-Pressure Water Jetting

At Ormonde, safety is paramount we collaborate closely with our clients, to  understand your challenges, our hands-on approach ensures top-tier quality in  every ultra-high pressure water jetting task we undertake including technology  cleaning, column cleaning, pipe cleaning, silo cleaning, tank cleaning, heat  exchanger maintenance, condenser cleaning, and other water blasting  requisites. 




Key Advantages

With a proven track record, we cooperate closely with our clients,  understanding their diverse needs for all industrial technology cleaning, pipe  cleaning, silo cleaning, heat exchanger maintenance, other water blasting  requisites. We operate 250 to 3,000 bar pumps  

High-Pressure Water Jetting Product Range:

Cleaning Pressure up-to 3,000 bar

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

Silo Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

Cooling System Cleaning

Pipe Cleaning

Robotic Cleaning

Reactor Cleaning

Column Cleaning

Vessel Cleaning

Water Jetting Technology:

Cutting-Edge Technology for High-Pressure Water Jetting: Ormonde leads with  cutting-edge water blasting technology for industrial cleaning. Renowned  across Central and Eastern Europe, our automated solutions in heat exchanger,  pipe, tube, reactor, and cooler cleaning ensure maximum safety, impeccable  quality, and exceptional value.

Industries We Serve:  

We provide water jetting services for the automotive, chemical, petrochemical,  heat, power, nuclear, mining, coking, steel, timber, and manufacturing  industries with a comprehensive range of high-pressure water cleaning  solutions.  

Where do we provide industrial cleaning services?

Our high-pressure water jetting services span the Czech Republic, Poland,  Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia,  Slovenia, Serbia, and neighbouring regions.