About Ormonde

We are a provider of efficient industrial cleaning and tank cleaning solutions and services. Our industrial cleaning, technology cleaning and tank cleaning solutions have been developed to reduce our customer’s running costs, increase output and to ensure our customers will get the best value for money service in a safe and environmental sound manner.

We operate some of the most advanced industrial cleaning, tank cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning and technology cleaning equipment on the market including: robotic cleaning, ultra-sonic chemical cleaning, automated heat exchanger cleaning, cooling system cleaning, heat exchanger extraction, high pressure water blasting, industrial drain cleaning, vacuum trucks, non-man entry tank cleaning and high powered suction excavator in central eastern Europe.



Best value



Why Ormonde

We are a flexible, efficient cleaning solutions and services provider with very high standards. We have a track record in reducing our customer’s costs and increasing our customer’s production output.

At Ormonde we are dedicated in exceeding our customer’s expectations through our knowhow, dedication and ability to understand our customer’s requirements and tailoring our solutions to meet our customers’ demands.

We take the safety of our personal as our highest priority and all staff undergo safety training and ongoing update safety and induction training. We believe highly practical safety procurers and standards offer our people the highest safety standards.

With our main operational bases in the Czech Republic and Poland we are providing industrial and environmental cleaning services in central and eastern Europe from the Baltic states to the Balkans countries including: Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Seriba, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

Safety 1st

Our success is our people and we take their safety as our highest priority. We have implemented very practical, high level safety standards in our company. Even with our high safety standards, we are always looking at ways to improve them, to ensure we offer not only the high quality on the market but the safest standard on the market.

You can have peace of mind that our personal receive routine safety training and our site managers inspect site safety and give one-to-one training and advice to our operators.

At Ormonde we have invested a vast amount of time and money in ensuring the we operate safe cleaning technology and to ensure we offer a very safe cleaning solutions. We are now one of the leading companies in industrial cleaning and tank cleaning services including: automated high pressure water jetting solutions, robotic cleaning solutions. These automated solutions are designed to take the operator out of direct contact of the cleaning operations. Where people cannot be replaced by robotic solution we still finding ways to increase our safety standards, like our fresh air breading system and emergency escape hood solutions.


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