Catalyst services

Ormonde—Where Safety Meets Excellence in Catalyst Services. Our catalyst  exchange service is dedicated to the chemical and petrochemical industries.  Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses catalyst unloading, loading,  replacement from process vessels, transportation, and environmentally  conscious disposal—all focused on ensuring operational safety while  maintaining efficiency.




Key Advantages of Ormonde

Operating across Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, our teams  boast extensive experience ensuring the highest standards in catalyst  handling. At Ormonde, meticulous planning underpins our successful catalyst  exchange services, supported by a professional management team dedicated  to your needs.

Our Product Range Includes:

Catalyst Unloading and Loading

Shutdown Catalyst Management

Specialized Catalyst Vacuuming System

Cleaning in EX Zones

Catalyst Transport and Disposal

Our Technology

Employing high-power industrial vacuum loaders and advanced cleaning  technology, our services are designed for optimal efficiency, setting industry  benchmarks.  

Ormonde operates in compliance with SCC, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and OHSAS  18001 standards. We prioritize personnel safety, ensuring continuous safety  training and updates, including comprehensive induction programs.  

Catalyst Services

While headquartered in the Czech Republic and Poland, our services extend  across Europe, encompassing Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia,  Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine.