CCTV Pipe & Drainage Inspection

Ormonde offers versatile CCTV pipe inspection solutions, providing both van type, portable and under water (ROV) inspection units tailored for commercial, municipal, and industrial pipe, drainage, and sewer inspections.




Key Advantages

Our priority is ensuring the highest safety for our operators and delivering top quality service to our customers.

Product Range

Industrial Pipe Inspection

Municipal Drainage Inspection

CCTV Technology for Heat
Exchanger Inspection

CCTV Technology for Reactor Inspection

Our Technology

We employ advanced underground CCTV cameras designed to detect pipe issues efficiently. Our cameras offer a 360-degree view and are adaptable to various pipe sizes, swiftly identifying cracks, blockages caused by roots or residue, or any other pipe-related problem. Our detailed reporting software ensures comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.

Service Area

We provide CCTV drain/pipe inspection services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.