Suction Excavator

At Ormonde we operate a modern fleet high powered industrial dry and wet vacuum loaders (Suction Excavators) designed for efficient industrial cleaning and tank cleaning services: including factory de-dusting, reactor cleaning, process tank cleaning, fermenter cleaning, factory cleaning services, transport of ADR wastes, blowing of dry materials, and specialized industrial cleaning applications. Suction Excavator are ideal Effective for Hard-to-Reach Areas.




Ormonde Suction Excavator Service – Key advantages

Ormonde operates a wide range of bag filter and cyclone filters, dry and wet vacuum trucks, ensuring the availability of the correct high-powered suction technology for specific requirements.The Ormonde expert team brings vast experience in industrial vacuum loader services across central and eastern Europe.

Product Range – Industrial Suction Excavator:

Factory De-dusting

Crane Rail Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Reactor Cleaning

Boiler Room Cleaning

Catalyst Unloading

Tank Cleaning

Ventilation Systems Cleaning

Railway Wagon Cleaning

Sand Filter Cleaning

Sedimentation Tank Cleaning

River Cleaning

Silo Cleaning

Blowing of Dry Industrial Products

EX Zone Cleaning

Specialized Industrial Cleaning Applications

Digester Cleaning

What is an Industrial Vacuum Loader / Suction Excavator

These high-powered vacuum loaders, known by various names such as suction excavators, super suckers, hydrovac, Saugbagger, ATEX vacuum trucks, or dry vacuum trucks, are advanced vacuum tanker trucks equipped with a heavy duty vacuuming system and filtration system. They are designed to pneumatically load powders, solids, liquids, sludge, and slurry. Our suction excavators include features like high-lift, liquid pressure discharge, bulk blowers for dry product discharge, jetting pumps and EX vacuuming systems.

Suction Excavator Services

We provide Suction Excavator (high-powered industrial vacuum truck) services in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.