EX Zone Zero Tank Cleaning Services by Ormonde. Ormonde leads the industry with its ATEX Zone Zero Robotic Tank Cleaning service, providing the safest method for cleaning storage tanks. Our EX Zone Zero non-man entry tank cleaning system is fully ATEX certified and equipped with a wide range of EX certified tools, ensuring the safest and most efficient tank cleaning service available.




Ormonde's Zone Zero Tank Cleaning Key Advantages

Safety Priority: No-man-entry tank cleaning robots ensure safer and more efficient cleaning of hazardous tanks, such as crude oil and fuel storage tanks. Key benefits include no personnel entering the tank during cleaning (or significantly reduced man-hours), a substantial reduction in personnel needed for cleaning, and a safer, higher quality, and often faster tank cleaning process.

Product Range:

Oil Tank Cleaning

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Gas Tank Cleaning

Acid Tank Cleaning

Crude Tank Cleaning

Chemical Tank Cleaning

Ethanol Tank Cleaning

Gasoline Tank Cleaning

Hazardous Waste Tank Cleaning

Tank Farm Cleaning

Gas Monitoring Systems

Fresh Air Breathing System

Cutting-edge Technology

Our Zone Zero Robotic Tank Cleaning system, developed by Gerotto, meets the highest EX certification standards. It stands as the only system on the market offering full EX certified robotic tooling, The EX robot can operated on rubber or magnetic tracks, and the system includes a no-man-entry manhole entry system.

EX Tank Cleaning Service

Ormonde provides ATEX Zone Zero Robotic Tank Cleaning services and EX robot rental services across Europe, covering countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, England, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Finland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, and Ukraine.