Robotic Water Jetting

At Ormonde, we recognize that many conventional high-pressure water manual cleaning methods are no longer viable. That’s why we’ve been actively developing automated cleaning solutions where feasible. Our offerings include robotic water jetting solutions tailored for various industrial cleaning needs such as pipe cleaning, surface cleaning, cooling technology cleaning, pumping station cleaning, heat exchanger, and condenser cleaning.




Key Advantages

Our priority is ensuring the highest safety for our operators and delivering top quality service to our customers. We provide automated, non-contact, cutting edge high-pressure cleaning technology whenever possible.

Product Range

Robotic heat exchanger cleaning

Robotic pipe cleaning

Robotic condenser cleaning

Robotic surface cleaning

3D tank cleaning heads

Robotic fin-fan cooler cleaning

Our Technology

Ormonde operates some of the most advanced robotic high-pressure cleaning technology available. Our distinct advantage lies in leveraging this technology to deliver safe and efficient water jetting cleaning solutions. Prioritizing Safety and Efficiency – Enhances customer productivity -Reduces downtime – Environmental focus (minimizes water waste) -Increases technology lifespan and reduces capital requirements.

Where We Operate

Located in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and Katowice, Poland, we offer industrial cleaning services including robotic water jetting services across central and eastern Europe.