Confined Space Cleaning

Ormonde specializes in a diverse range of confined space cleaning solutions,  addressing the unique challenges of technology cleaning, heat exchanger  cleaning, tank cleaning, tank farm cleaning, nuclear power production cleaning,  culvert cleaning, large pipe cleaning, condenser cleaning, and general  industrial cleaning services within confined spaces.  

Understanding Confined Spaces: A confined space is a limited-entry  environment unsuitable for human habitation, such as the interior of a storage  tank. It’s occasionally entered for cleaning, but is not intended for human  occupancy. Best practices include cleaning solutions that reduce the traditional  man-hours required for cleaning to reduce the risks associated with confined  space work. 




Key Advantages of Ormonde's Confined Space Cleaning

At Ormonde, safety is our top priority, and we’ve invested significantly in  training and cutting-edge robotic solutions to significantly reduce or eliminate  the need for manual entry. Our commitment to safety extends to solutions  where entry is still necessary (reduced man-entry cleaning system); our  operators are thoroughly trained and equipped with gas detectors, full-face  masks, and fresh air breathing systems when needed.  

Confined Space Cleaning Product Range:

Fresh Air Breathing System

Robot Cleaning Solutions

EX Robot Cleaning Solutions

Non-Man Entry - Robotic
Cleaning Solutions

Reduced Man Entry – Robotic
Cleaning Solutions

Ventilation & Scrubber Units

Confined Space Cleaning Services

Ormonde offers confined space cleaning services across the central and  eastern Europe region, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia,  Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia,  Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Macedonia, Ukraine, and Ireland.