Robotic Tank Cleaning

Ormonde: Leading the Way in Robotic Tank Cleaning Services. Ormonde stands at the forefront of robotic non-man entry and reduced man entry tank cleaning services, providing efficient solutions that eliminate or significantly reduce the need for personnel inside the tank during cleaning operations. Our tank cleaning robots offer a safe and efficient method to clean tanks, lagoons, silos and storage facilities.




Key Advantages of Ormonde's Robotic Tank Cleaning

Ormonde provides comprehensive industrial cleaning services across various industries, including chemical, petrochemical, heat, power, nuclear power, mining, steel, timber, pulp, automotive, biogas, water, wastewater, and manufacturing. Our advanced cleaning technology ensures maximum safety, efficiency, and quality.

ROV – Robotic Product Range:

EX Zone Zero Tank Cleaning Robots

Non-EX Tank Cleaning Robots

Dredging Robots

Pumping Robots

Excavator Robots

Water Jetting Robots

3D Tank Cleaning Head

Vacuum Truck Robots

Supply of Scrubber Units

Tank Cleaning in EX Zones​

ROV Tank Cleaning Solutions​

Robotic Tank Cleaning

Ormonde is a pioneer in robotic (ROV) tank cleaning services, providing advanced robotic tank cleaning for a wide range of tank cleaning, lagoon cleaning and silo cleaning services. We operate a wide range of modern tank cleaning robots and high powered vacuum trucks.

Robotic Tank Cleaning Services

Ormonde offers robotic tank cleaning services across Europe, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Ukraine.