Industrial Cleaning Equipment Rental

Ormonde offers a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning and tank cleaning  technology available for short and long-term rental, including robotic cleaning  systems, bundle pullers, high-pressure cleaning equipment, and specialized  units designed for various cleaning applications. 




Rental Equipment

• Bundle Extractor  

• EX Tank Cleaning Robots (ROV)  

Ultra-Sonic Chemical Cleaning System  

• Crane-Knuckle Boom Truck  

• Various Pumps 

Hydraulic Power Packs  

Other Specialized Cleaning Systems

Heat Exchanger Extractor Rental

• 45T aerial bundle extraction 

• Extract heat exchangers up to 45 ton 

• Lifting frame: 2.5 m (large on request) 

• Extraction of bundles up to 10 m (large on request) 

• 53T Combi bundle extractor & lifter 

• 53 Ton lifter – up to 2.1 m wide

ATEX Zone Zero Tank Cleaning Robot Rental

• EX Zone 0 robot & CCTV system 

• EX tank enters the system 

• ATEX tooling & Magnetic Tracks 

• 2 x 10ft container 

• Operator cabin – joystick control 

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Ultra-Sonic cleaning technology Rental

Industrial-sized Unit 

• 3 tonne hydraulic lifting / moving basket 

• Oil skimming system 

• Heater 32 kw (steam connection option) 

• Basket dimension: 3.1 x 1.0 x 1.0 m (L x W x D) 

Compact Sized Unit 

Ideal for small and light parts cleaning 

• Heater 9KW 

• Basket dimension: 86 x.56 x.46 m. (L x W x D)

• Adjustable power: 40 to 100% 

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Buffalo – Crane truck rental

• Max reach: 28.5 metres

Max lifting capacity: 11 tonnes to 620 kg

Winch 2.6 tons or with a jib, 2 tones

Can be operated with a lifting hook or grab bucket

Pump Rental Range

High-output Sludge Pump & Water Pump  

• Diesel Driven 74kw 

• Horizontal solid-handing cornel pump 400 m3/h  • Self-priming & run-dry systems 

• Hose size is 150 / 6”  

• Size LxHxW: 2.500 x 1.800 x 1.200 mm

Transfer Pump: Rotary Lobe Pump

• Hydraulic driven  

• Vogelsang VX1860184Q 

• Output: 250 m3/h 

• Hose Size is 150 / 6”

Biogas Tank Cleaning Pump / Digestate pump

• Hydraulic driven  

• High-output screw pump  

• Up to 350 m3/h 

• Hose Size is 150 / 6” 

• Weight 500kg  

Oil Tank Cleaning & Hazardous Waste

• Hydraulic driven  

• Ex progressive cavity pumps 

• 2.5” hose conection 

• Weight: approx. 250 kg

Dredging Pumps

• Hydraulic driven  

• Solids Handling 20 or 25 mm 

• Dredging ROV option 

• Weight: approx. 170 to 250 kg 

Hydraulic Power Pack Rental

• Small and Large Power Pack 

• Up to a 100-hp hydraulic power pack 

• Up to 140 lpm at 250 bars 

• Power pack for operating in EX zones. 

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Industrial & Tank Cleaning Equipment Rental

We provide Industrial Cleaning Equipment Rental services across Europe,  covering countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia,  Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania,  Greece, Croatia, Finland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, and  Ukraine.  

For availability and detailed information on our rental equipment, please contact a member of our team at Ormonde.