Robotic Suction Excavator Cleaning

Suction excavator robot cleaning solutions are designed to increase safety, efficiency, quality while reducing the staff cost and cleaning time. These Robots are fitted to vacuum truck suction hose to provide efficient loading of the suction excavator / vacuum truck. Unlike manual methods, robotic solutions maintain consistent performance without fatigue, ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency.




Ormonde Robotics key advantages

By combining cutting-edge suction excavator technology with user-friendly robotic solutions, Ormonde ensures clients receive safe, high-quality, and efficient cleaning services in diverse industrial and environmental settings.

Product Range - Suction Excavator ROV:

Industrial Cleaning Robots

Tank Cleaning Robots

EX Robots

Suction Excavator Robots

Technology - Vacuum Truck Robots

Ormonde integrates industrial cleaning robots and tank cleaning robots seamlessly with its suction excavators / vacuum trucks, providing clients with customised robotic cleaning solutions.

Suction Excavator Robotic Cleaning Services

Ormonde’s experienced team provides suction excavator cleaning services across Europe, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.