High-Pressure Water Jetting Technology

Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality service, aiming to reduce your operational costs. This commitment is reflected in our wide range of water blasting pumps including 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500 and 3,000 bar pressure and utilisation of robotic, hands-free, ultra-high-pressure water jetting technology whenever feasible.




Key Advantages

Safety is paramount at Ormonde. Recognizing the inherent dangers in traditional ultra-high-pressure water jetting (hydro blasting) services, we prioritize safety while striving to provide our customers with a high-quality service that reduces operational costs.

Product Range

Robotic Water Jetting Technology

Water Jetting - 100 to 2,500 bar

Water Jetting - 40 to 140 lpm

Hot Water Jetting System

Non-man Entry Tank Cleaning

Robotic Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Robotic Surface Cleaning

Cooler Cleaning “sharp fog”

Specialist Cleaning Nozzles

Specialized Cleaning Systems

Our Ultra-High Pressure Jetting Technology

Ormonde leads in safe and cost-effective high-pressure water jetting and ultra high-pressure cleaning services using robotic solutions where possible. Our high-pressure jetting (hydro blasting) pumps and hands-free robotic systems are designed to maximize output from your technology while minimizing direct operator involvement, ensuring the highest quality water jetting cleaning services.

Water Blasting Services

Based in the Czech Republic and Poland, Ormonde offers its high pressure water jetting services across Europe, serving countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.