Industrial Robotic Cleaning (ROV)

Ormonde leading the way in Robotic Industrial Cleaning Services. Unlock  the power of Industrial Robotic Cleaning (ROV) with Ormonde, your trusted  partner for cutting-edge robotic cleaning solutions. Our state-of-the-art robotic  cleaning technologies offer the highest levels of safety, quality, and efficiency  in all cleaning operations.  




Key robotic cleaning advantages with Ormonde

Ormonde understands the unique advantages of robotic industrial cleaning,  including safety, efficiency, and quality. We are committed to the growth and  development of industrial cleaning robots and tailored robotic cleaning  solutions.  

Industrial Robotic Cleaning: Product Range

EX – Zone Zero Tank
Cleaning Robots

Heat Exchanger
Cleaning Robots

Industrial Cleaning Robots

Vacuum Truck Robots

Confined Space Cleaning Robots

Water-Jetting Robots

Underwater ROV

Dredging Robots

Pumping Robots

On-line Robots

Suction Excavator Robots

Our Robotic Cleaning Technology

Explore our wide range of robots designed for industrial cleaning, heat  exchanger cleaning, surface cleaning, tank cleaning, zone zero tank cleaning,  digester cleaning, and confined space cleaning services. Our EX-approved  robotic solutions guarantee extra safety in heat exchanger cleaning and tank  cleaning services when operating in EX Zones. 

Robotic Industrial Cleaning Services

Ormonde team offers robotic industrial cleaning and tank cleaning services across Europe. Operating in countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland,  Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia,  Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Ukraine, and  Ireland.