Bundle Extraction Service

Ormonde’s Aerial Bundle Extractor (bundle puller), a versatile extractor and can operated with a lifting frame or lifter. It simplifies the heat exchanger extraction process, offering a swift, safe, and cost-effective solution. Easily positioned by a single crane, our bundle pulling system streamlines extraction, lifting, and reinsertion of heat exchangers, ensuring a rapid and secure handling service. We offer a 45-ton extractor with length options from 6 to 10 meters, options of lifting frames up to 2.5 meter or with a “combi lifter” up to 2 meters. We can offer full extraction service and bundle extractor rental.




Ormonde's Bundle Extractor Key Advantages

Ormonde Czech Republic operates cutting-edge heat exchanger cleaning technologies  and experienced personnel, ensuring you the highest standards in heat exchanger  cleaning, resulting in energy cost reduction, increased factory output, and enhanced  safety. 

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Heat Exchanger Extraction Service

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45-tonne Aerial Heat Exchanger Extractor

53-tonne Combi Bundle Extractor & Lifter

Bundle Extractor Rental Service

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Bundle Extractor: Our technology

The Ormonde aerial bundle lifting and extraction system is a self-contained “combi unit,” effortlessly lifted into position by a single crane. Powered by an air-cooled diesel engine, it operates through remote control. The hydraulic winch, with up to 60 tonnes of pulling force, facilitates stress-free extraction. The vertical lifting pull hook system ensures precise alignment during pulling. Once extracted, the operator fine-tunes the extractor’s balance using the remote control.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services

Our heat exchanger extraction services, and bundle extractor rental service, span across Europe. We cater to countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, England, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Sweden, and Romania. For detailed more information on our complete bundle extraction and heat exchanger cleaning service, please contact us.