The best practise to reduce the risk when working in confined spaces is to reduce the number of man hours needed during maintenance or cleaning.

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What is a Confined Space?

A confined space is a space with limited entry that is not suitable for human inhabitants. An example is the interior of a storage tank, occasionally entered for maintenance or cleaning but not intended for human occupancy.

What are the best practises for confined space work?

The best practise to reduce the risk when working in confined spaces is to reduce the number of man hours needed during maintenance or cleaning. An example is tank cleaning, where by using robots, you will greatly reduce the number of man hours needed inside the confined space during the cleaning process.

Confined Space Cleaning Services Using Robots (ROV)

At Ormonde, the safety of our team is our priority, followed by an efficient and quality service. We have been investing in and developing robot cleaning solutions for several years and have found there are a large number of benefits to using robots for industrial cleaning and tank cleaning services: it offers the highest level of safety while increasing both efficiency and quality of the cleaning services.
Confined space cleaning robots are an ideal solution for safe, high-quality cleaning services. The robot (rov) is controlled from the control room or by remote control, ensuring the operator is working in a safe and low-risk environment.
The confined space cleaning team at Ormonde has developed the safest and most efficient cleaning solutions for a wide range of confined space cleaning services. They have looked at safe methods of robot placement into a confined spaces. We have produced our in-house guide for confined space cleaning, so our operators always operate to the highest standards.

The risks of Confined Space Cleaning

The cleaning of confined spaces is a challenge, and there are risks of injury in confined spaces. Not all confined spaces are the same; for example, fuel and crude oil storage facilities also need to factor in the risk of EX zone zero and which zones to place EX robotic tank cleaning technology and vacuum trucks.
The term non-man entry is often misused and misunderstood. There is no cleaning solution that can fully guarantee non-man entry because every industrial cleaning or tank cleaning project will have its own set of challenges.
Robotic cleaning solutions will greatly reduce the man-hours needed and, in most cases, can offer 99% to 100% non-man entry. If entry is required, the team at Ormonde has very high safety procedures, including risk assessment, gas monitoring, and breathing systems. In some cases where tanks are vented and the operators are operating under fresh air, we offer semi-automated vacuum truck robotic cleaning solutions.

What type of Robot cleaning solutions do we provide?

At Ormonde, we have invested in a wide range of confined space cleaning, industrial cleaning, and tank cleaning robotic and semi-robotic cleaning solutions because every robotic solution has its limits and every cleaning project has its own set of challenges.

Industrial cleaning solutions included

Confined Space Cleaning Robots

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Robots

Dredging and Underwater Cleaning Robots

EX Zone Zero Tank Cleaning Robots

Water Jetting Robots

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Robots

Vacuum truck Robots

Pump Robots

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