ATEX Zone Zero certified Tank Cleaning Robot

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Our new ATEX ZONE ZERO robot in under construction and we will be providing ATEX Zone Zero tank cleaning services and ATEX Zone Zero Robot rental from the end of 2022.

What is Zone Zero Tank Cleaning ?

Storage Tank, Oil Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Basins and Vessels in oil refineries, chemical plant, industry factories, nuclear power production and storage facilities need to be cleaned for maintenance, product change and certification. 

Cleaning of these tanks were traditionally completed by manual labour moving the material to suction hoses which were connected to vacuum trucks. This was a very dangerous process and operators were open to many hazardous materials and gas. The hazardous working environment also leads to reduced output or efficiency. 

ATEX Zone Zero Robots is an efficient and safe way to cleaning all Storage Tanks, Oil Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Basins and Vessels in oil refineries, chemical plant, industry factories and storage facilities. The robot allows for non-man entry tank cleaning as the operator is located in a control room outside the zone zero area – he has full control of the robot through the ATEX cctv system ensuring it is the safest and most efficient cleaning solution.

Is Zone Zero Tank Cleaning the same as non-Man entry tank cleaning?

Yes, ATEX Zone Zero tank cleaning is the same as non-Man entry cleaning with one big benefit – the system has full ATEX certification to ensure maximum safety while operating in Zone 0 or even Zone 1,2, or 3 working environments. 

Is Zone Zero Tank Cleaning Robot efficient?

Yes, Zone Zero robotic tank cleaning is very efficient, the number of operational personals is greatly reduced. Tank Cleaning Robots do not get tired, don’t need to take a brake to rest – one operator can monitor everything from his control room. The robot is connect directly to the vacuum truck 

Are all Zone Zero Tank Cleaning Robots the same?

No, not all tank cleaning robots are the same. Some tank cleaning robots need to be connected to external power source, which can cause problem in set-up and isolated tanks. At Ormonde we work with Gerotto for Zone Zero Robot, Tank Cleaning Robots, Industrial Cleaning Robots and robots that we connect to our high-powered vacuum truck and suction excavators. Gerotto has been a pioneer in developing a No Man Entry Tank Cleaning systems and industrial cleaning robots. 


At Ormonde we offer a full Gerotto ATEX Zone Zero tank cleaning solution. This includes ATEX Zone Zero Robot, Zone Zero ATEX CCTV system,  Zone Zero ATEX lighting system, Zone Zero ATEX Tooling, ATEX power monitoring system, ATEX control room, the system has the option of being powered by build in power pack and has no need for external power requirements. 

ATEX Zone Zero robot tank cleaning Service or Rental?

At Ormonde we offer Atex Zone Zero tank cleaning service and Atex Zone Zero rental services. We provide ATEX Zone Zero Tank Cleaning Robots for rent across all  of Europe including: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Finland, Norway, Germany. For more information about or Zone 0 tank cleaning rental or heat exchanger extractor rental solutions please contact our team directly. 

Tankreinigung, zur Reinigung industrieller Lagertanks in der gefährlichen ATEX-Zone 0. Service und Vermietung von EX Zone Zero Robotern in Deutschland

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