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Looking for an Expert Tank Cleaning service / company ? At Ormonde our specialises tank cleaning teams have vast experience in cleaning a wide range of tanks, silos and lagoons across Europe. Our experience includes hazardous tank cleaning, logon cleaning and silo cleaning including, chemical tank cleaning, petrochemicals tank cleaning, petroleum tank cleaning, oil tank cleaning, fuel tanks silo cleaning, rail wagon cleaning, rail tanker cleaning, biogas / fermenter tank cleaning, cooling tower basin cleaning, storage tank cleaning, water tank cleaning, food products tanks and tanks in nuclear power production and TNT production. We offer our customer both dry and wet options for tanks cleaning and operator some of the most powerful water jetting, vacuum tanker, suction excavator (saugbagger) on the market. A fully ATEX zone zero tank cleaning robot from Gerotto IT was included in our robotic non-man entry tank cleaning solutions. Contact a member of the Ormonde tank cleaning sales team for more information on our robotic tank cleaning, confined space cleaning and EX robot cleaning services. We tailor our tank cleaning system and solutions to suit our customer’s demands; in the video below you can see a prototype tank cleaning solution being texted at our headquarters. For all your tank cleaning requirements in: Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Seriba, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia contact a member of the Ormonde tank cleaning team.

Why do you need to clean your tank or Silo ? There are a number of reasons you will need to clean your tank:

because of tank inspection

because of a change products

of tank recertification

because of blockages

because of product contamination

to remove solid material that is reducing your storage capacity

because of maintenance on mixing or pumping technology

Do you need a tank cleaning service in Europe? At Ormonde we offer tank cleaning services across Europe

ATEX Zone Zero Robotic tank cleaning system

Tank Cleaning Robot

Vacuum Truck Robot

Hazardous Water Robot

Hot Water High Pressure Jetting (Hot Water Blasting)

Water Jetting 200 to 3,000 bar

Fresh Air Breathing Systems

Dredging Robot

Confined Space Cleaning Robot

Tank Mixing & Pumping Servie (LKW Güllemixer / AgriMixer)

3D Tank Cleaning Water Jetting

Large Flow Pumps

Dredging Pumps

Sludge Pumps

Transfer Pumps

High Power Vacuum ADR Truck

ADR Suction Excavator

Our tank cleaning team are operating in a large number of countries in Europe

Our tank cleaning technology is fully mobile, our technology is build by some of the leading tank cleaning and industrial cleaning manufacture including, vacuum truck, suction excavator and saugbagger from Koks, Amphitec & Jurop, high jetting flow pump from Hammellamann, high pressure pumps from Falch and tank cleaning robots from Gerotto.

Check out an article about some of our tank cleaning solutions in “Tank cleaning magazine” Need an ATEX EX ZONE ZERO REOBOT ? At Ormonde we offer c complete ATEX zone zero robotic cleaning system suitable for cleaning of oil tanks, fuel tanks, hazardous material storage and tank cleaning in Zone Zero / explosive environment for rent. We offer rental of our zone zero tank cleaning system across Europe including: Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia and Ukraine. The tank cleaning team at Ormonde speak a wide range of languages: Tankreinigung, Kraftstofflagertankreinigung, EX Tankreinigung. Tankrengöring, bränsletankrengöring, EX tankrengöring. Limpieza de tanques, Limpieza de tanques de almacenamiento de combustibles, EX limpieza de tanques. čiščenje rezervoarjev, čiščenje rezervoarjev za gorivo, EX čiščenje rezervoarjev, čistenie nádrží, čistenie nádrží na palivá, EX čistenie nádrží, curatare rezervoare, curatare rezervoare stocare combustibili, EX curatare rezervoare. limpeza de tanques, limpeza de tanques de combustível, EX limpeza de tanques. чишћење резервоара, чишћење резервоара за складиштење горива, EX чишћење резервоара. tankrengjøring, rengjøring av drivstofflagertank, EX tankrengjøring. Bako valymas, kuro bako valymas, EX bako valymas. Tvertnes tīrīšana, degvielas uzglabāšanas tvertnes tīrīšana, EX tvertnes tīrīšana. Tanktisztítás, üzemanyagtároló tartály tisztítás, EX tanktisztítás, ניקוי מיכל, ניקוי מיכל אחסון דלק, ניקוי מיכל EX. tankin puhdistus, polttoainesäiliön puhdistus, EX tankin puhdistus. Paagi puhastus, kütusepaagi puhastus, EX paagi puhastus. tank rengøring, brændstof lagertank rengøring, EX tank rengøring. čišćenje spremnika, čišćenje spremnika goriva, čišćenje EX spremnika, почистване на резервоар, почистване на резервоар за съхранение на гориво, почистване на резервоар EX. Pastrimi i rezervuarit, pastrimi i rezervuarit të karburantit, pastrimi i rezervuarit EX, καθαρισμός δεξαμενής, καθαρισμός δεξαμενής αποθήκευσης καυσίμου, καθαρισμός δεξαμενής EX.

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