Tank Mixing Service - AgriMixer / Güllemixer

Ormonde’s tank mixing service, featuring the AgriMixer (Güllemixer), has been  designed for the efficient mixing of organic layers or sediment build-up in  storage tanks, particularly those used in biogas, wastewater, agricultural, and  some industrial process tanks.  

Ormonde has also modified solution where this technology is used to skim fat  waste from water, allow the removal of fat waste before it enters your waste  water treatment facility.  




Key Advantages of Our Mobile Mixing Service:

The Ormonde Agri-Mixer stands out as an efficient mobile mixing service,  addressing issues commonly found in organic waste storage, wastewater  storage and sludge storage products. The system is well-suited for cleaning  large organic waste storage tanks, floating layers in biogas digesters, and  responding to emergencies in the biogas and wastewater industry. 

Product Range - AgriMixer / Güllemixer Lkw:

Tank Mixing

Logon Mixing

Digester Floating Layer Mixing

Fat Waste Removal in Wastewater Treatment Systems

Access to Hard-to-Reach Areas
– 38-meter boom

Tank Cleaning in Wastewater

Organic Waste Storage Tank/
Logon Cleaning

Biogas Storage Tank/
Digester Treatment Plant

Farm Waste Storage Tank/
Logon Cleaning

Tank Mixing Technology:

The Ormonde AgriMixer boasts a 38-meter reach with its 5-section boom,  ensuring access to any tank with the perfect angle for high-quality mixing. The  unit can be equipped with extra engine-driven sludge pumps, a hydraulic driven organic waste tank cleaning pump, or a silt dredging pump, enabling  simultaneous mixing and pumping. This capability is ideal for cleaning large  storage lagoons and tanks on farms, wastewater treatment plants, and  industrial sites.  

Where do we provide industrial cleaning services?

Ormonde is based in the Czech Republic and Poland, we provide industrial cleaning servcies across Europe including: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Ukraine and Ireland.