Ultrasonic Chemical Cleaning Services

Experience cutting-edge industrial ultrasonic cleaning technology with Ormonde’s “EcoSonic,” among the most advanced chemical cleaning and treatment services available. If traditional industrial cleaning methods have fallen short in achieving the efficiency standards you require for filters, heat exchangers, parts, or technology, Ormonde has the solution.




Key Advantages of Ormonde's Ultrasonic Chemical Cleaning:

Ormonde stands out as one of the few companies offering ultrasonic cleaning for heavy industries in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia. Our in-house cleaning facility provides a convenient parts collection/drop-off service, allowing your technology to be efficiently cleaned at our facility.

Ultrasonic Cleaning - Product Range:

Filter Cleaning

Parts Cleaning

Technology Cleaning

Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Industries We Serve:

Ormonde provides a comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaning and industrial cleaning services for various industries, including the Petro-Chemical Industry, Chemical Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Pulp Industry, Coking Industry, Automated Industry, Nuclear Power, and the Energy Industry.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Services:

in-house Ultrasonic Cleaning Facility: Collect, clean, and deliver back to your door.

On-site Ultrasonic Chemical Services: Available across Europe, covering the Czech  Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia,  Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Ukraine, and Ireland