New Suction Excavator – Vacu-Press

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Ormonde has partnered with the Dutch company Naaktgeboren for our dry vacuum trucks (Suction Excavator / Saugbagger). The first vacuum truck was delivered at this year’s IFAT trade fair in Germany, with the second set to be delivered later this year.
Naaktgeboren has been a leader in vacuum/pressure technology for 75 years. Their Vacu-Press is the industry leader for bag filter dry vacuum technology. The Vacu-Press truck is a suction/blowing installation, suitable for the suction and blowing of both dry and wet materials, making it ideal for the wide range of industrial and cleaning services offered by the Ormonde team.
Our new Dry & Wet Vacu-Press trucks (suction excavators) come equipped with a variety of advanced features, including:

– EX vacuum pump
– High-pressure pumps
– Grounding system
– High lift
– Big bag unloading
– Liquid discharge pump

External connection for transfer pump, Bulk blowing, Vacuum truck robot operations
These advanced features ensure that our suction excavators can handle the most demanding tasks efficiently and safely. For more in-depth details, please contact a member of the Ormonde team. 

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