Turnaround / Shutdown Industrial Cleaning Service’s in Europe

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At Ormonde, we offer professional turnaround services including a wide range of high pressure water jetting services, heat exchanger cleaning, ultrasonic chemical cleaning, dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming, tank cleaning and robotic cleaning services. We are focused on the safety, quality and efficiency of each industrial cleaning and tank cleaning services we offer, which ensure our customers receive the best value for money service on the market.

Key Industrial Cleaning Turnaround Services we offer:

High Pressure Water Jetting – turnaround service :
– Pipe Cleaning 
– Tube Cleaning 
– Column Cleaning
– Reactor Cleaning
– Air Cooler Cleaning
– Boiler Cleaning
– Silo Cleaning (3D silo Cleaning)
– Gun Cleaning
– Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning
– High Pressure Confined Space Cleaning
– Robotic High Pressure Cleaning

Heat Exchanger Cleaning – turnaround service
– Robotic Heat Exchanger Cleaning
– Flexible Lance Systems
– Rigid Rotating Lance Systems
– Confined Space Cleaning
– External Bundle Cleaning

Bundle Extraction
– Heat Exchanger Extraction Service
– 45 ton Bundle Extractor Rental
– 53 Bundle Lifter Rental
– Bundle Transportation

Ultra Sonic Chemical Cleaning
– Cleaning Service at customer site
– Cleaning at our Depo

Dry and Wet Vacuum Services – Turnaround Servcies
– Vacuum Truck – Robotic Cleaning
– Factory Dedusting
– Technology Cleaning
– Catalyst Services
– Dry Cleaning Solutions
– EX Zone Cleaning
– Bulk Blowing
– Deep Vacuuming

We offer tank cleaning services to a wide range of customer and cover silo cleaning, oil & fuel storage tank cleaning, process tank cleaning, fermenter cleaning, logon, sand filter, sedimentation tank cleaning and open pit cleaning, our offer a number of cleaning solutions to ensure we can offer you the best in safety, quality and efficiency for all your tank cleaning needs.

Tank Cleaning Services – turnaround service
– EX / Zone Zero Tank Cleaning
– Non-Man Entry Tank Cleaning
– Robotic Tank Cleaning
– Dredging ROV
– Tank Mixing
– Pumping Solution

Confined Space Cleaning – turnaround service
– Reduced Man Enter Cleaning
– Non-Man Entry Cleaning
– Zone Zero Tank Cleaning
– Robotic Cleaning
– EX Robot Cleaning
– Ventilation Systems
– Breathing Systems
– Gas Monitoring

At Ormonde we operate some of the most advanced cleaning equipment on the market from companies like Peinemann, Gerotto, Naaktgeboren, Koks, Falch, Jurop, Woma, Hammelmann and Derc. The team at Ormonde has developed their own made solutions to such technologies that ensure we offer the best in safety, quality and efficiency in each service provided.

Where Do We Offer Industrial and Tank Cleaning Turnaround Servcies ?
The Industrial Cleaning and Tank Cleaning Teams at Ormonde have completed project on over 20 countries across Europe including: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia. We provide turnaround services of all sizes for 1 day to a number of months for our customer in the chemical, petrochemical, heat, power, nuclear power, mining, steel, timber, pulp, automotive, biogas, water, wastewater, and manufacturing industries.

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